Our group works at modeling and simulation of subsurface flow and transport.  The group members have expertise in numerical methods (in particular conservative finite difference methods and finite element methods), compositional multiphase flow in porous media, phase behaviors of reservoir fluids, and multiscale parallel computation. 

Our research activities at KAUST can be summarized in three main fields, which we are working on in close collaboration with several international institutes in the US and Europe:
  • Development and analysis of efficient numerical algorithms for subsurface flow and transport.  We are mainly interested in locally conservative finite element methods and their finite difference/volume equivalence.  In particular, we have worked on discontinuous Galerkin methods and mixed finite element methods.
  • Pore scale multiphase flow.  Currently, the group is involved in development of diffusive interface models for multicomponent two-phase flow in channels and pores.
  • Molecular simulation for reservoir fluids.  Currently, the group is developing high-speed algorithms for Monte Carlo molecular simulation of the phase behaviors of reservoir fluids.