MS and PhD Positions


Fully funded graduate student positions are available for outstanding full-time students wishing to pursue a Master of Science degree and/or PhD with Dr. Shuyu Sun at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). 

The successful candidates/s will work with national and international partners to address challenges related to:

  • Finite element methods (in particular, adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for flow and reactive transport problems in porous media) and numerical analysis (a priori and a posteriori error estimation).
  • Computational transport phenomena and numerical oil reservoir simulations.
  • Computational thermodynamics of reservoir fluids.

Applications for MS and Ph.D. positions must be submitted through KAUST’s official website, you can find more information HERE.  All applicants should have a background in Meteorology, Geophysics, physics, applied math, numerical methods, fluid mechanics, and mechanical engineering.

Depending on the stage of their careers, applicants should not only have graduated with excellent grades, but should also have a competitive paper track record that proves their scientific experience and excellence in their research field.

New internship projects starting in 2020 will be announced soon. ​​

If you would like any information about Internships at KAUST you can find more information  HERE