Principal Investigator

Shuyu Sun

Professor, Earth Science and Engineering
Professor, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science​​

Research Interest: Subsurface modeling, Fluid flow in porous media, Molecular Monte Carlo, Carbon Sequestration/Storage Modeling

Research Scientist

Arun Kumar Narayanan Nair

Research Interest: Fluid flow in porous media, Molecular Monte Carlo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuzhu Wang

Research Interest: Digital Core Analysis, Machine Learning, Geostatistics, Reservoir Characterization

PhD Candidate

Xiuping Wang

PhD student

Research Interest: Finite Element Methods, Numerical analysis, Phase Field Model, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Tian Qiao

Research Interest: Reservoir Simulation, Machine Learning, Fluid flow in porous media, Electrical Double Layer, CO2 Storage

Jie Liu

Research Interest: Molecular Dynamics, Adsorption and flow behaviors of shale oil, Subsurface Flow Simulation , Kerogen matrix

Abdulaziz Alzaben

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Seismic imaging

Ronghao Cui

Research Interest: Molecular Monte Carlo, Molecular simulation, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo Simulation

Mohd Fuad Anwari Che Ruslan

Research Interest: Reservoir Simulation, Flow and Transport in Porous Media

Tao Zhang

Research Interest: Fluid mechanics, Pore-scale study, Reservoir Simulation

Xiaoyu Feng

Research Interest: Fluid flow in porous media

Xingyu Zhu

Research Interest: Pore Scale Modeling of Porous Media, Pore-Network Model, Pore-scale study

Yiteng Li

Research Interest: Phase equilibrium calculation, Reservoir Simulation


Gabriel Pérez

Visiting Student

Research Interest: Physics informed neural networks, Physics informed machine learning, Fluid flow in porous media, Machine Learning

Luna Ramirez

Research Interest: Molecular simulation, Molecular Dynamics