CTPL lab organized the 2019 Workshop on Modeling and Simulation

24 January, 2019

​The CTPL group ( Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory, KAUST) organized a workshop themed “ The Art of Computational Science, Bridging Gaps--From Modeling & Algorithm to Simulation & Engineering” to highlight the role of computational science as a broad, multidisciplinary science shaping fundamental natural laws and tackling modern engineering problems. Five distinguished visiting scholars and engineers, from Sichuan University, Shenzhen University, CNPC, Taif University and Effat University, together with three selected members of our group, give presentations on their latest progress and findings. The total eight talks cover researches ranging from microscopic molecular dynamics simulations to field scale development process optimizations, from curving thermodynamic phase equilibrium to describing hydrodynamic multiscale flow behaviors, and from concluding current cooperation achievements to remarking potential future collaboration directions. 

CTPL Director, Prof. Shuyu Sun is giving the opening presentation

Postdoc Fellow in CTPL group,  Dr.  Nilesh Choudhary is giving a presentation on describing interfacial tension of oil and gas mixture

Ph.D student in CTPL group, Mr. Yiteng Li is giving a presentation on advanced NVT flash calculation considering capillary pressure

Postdoc Fellow in CTPL group,  Dr. Dong Joon Youn is giving a presentation on methane degassing from crosslinked polyethylene cable insulation

Visiting Professor, Dr. Qiaolin He from Sichuan University is giving a presentation on Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard system and van der Waals fluid

Visiting Professor, Dr. Mohamed F. El-Amin from Effat University is giving a presentation on multi-scale modeling of two phase flow including nano-particles transport in fractured porous media

Visiting Engineer, Mr. Chenguang Li from CNPC is giving a presentation on life and work at Halfaya Oil Field

together-2019 workshop


Attendees of CTPL 2019 Workshop