Professor Shuyu Sun organized a Minisymposia in USNCCM15

01 August, 2019

The US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM) returns to the great city of Austin, TX for the 15th biennial congress of the US Association of Computational Mechanics (USACM). This congress is held at the new JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Austin from July 28 - August 1, 2019. ​CTPL director, Prof. Shuyu Sun, organized a Minisymposia in USNCCM15 titled "Advances in Computational Methods for Subsurface Modeling: In Honor of Professor Mary F. Wheeler" together with Prof. Todd Arbogast from ICES and Prof. Ivan Yotov from University of Pittsburgh. 

shuyu and maryProf. Sun and Prof. Wheeler at USNCCM15, Austin

Modeling and simulation of flow, transport, and geomechanics in the Earth's subsurface is required to make decisions associated with the management of subsurface reservoirs. Application areas vary widely, and include groundwater contamination, carbon sequestration, petroleum exploration and recovery, and many others. Due to the high complexity of subsurface reservoirs, accurate mathematical and numerical simulation of flow, transport, and geomechanics remain challenging topics in many ways. The aim of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers working on reservoir simulation to exchange and discuss the latest developments in reservoir modeling and simulation. 
This mini-symposium is organized with four sessions. In the first session held on Monday Morning, July 29, Dr. Sanghyun Lee from University of Michigan has presented a keynote speak titled "Enriched Galerkin Methods for Flow and Transport in Porous Media". Dr. Beatrice Riviere from Rice University gave a talk titled "A Discontinuous Galerkin method for the Solution of Black-Oil in Heterogeneous Media", Dr. Shuyu Sun from KAUST gave a talk titled "Bound-Preserving Algorithms for Fully Implicit Forulation of Multi-Phase Flow in Porous Media" and Dr. Philippe R.B. Devloo from FEC-Universidade Estadual de Campina gave a talk titled "Consistent High-Order Approximations Spaces for Mixed Finite Elements on Hybrid 3D Meshes including Pyramids". 
In the second session held on Monday Afternoon, July 29, Dr. Seong Lee from Chevron has presented a keynote speak titled "Recent Development of Numerical Methods for Practical Reservoir Simulaiton". Dr. Todd Arbogast from ICES gave a talk titled "Implicit WENO Schemes for Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media", Dr. Martin Vohralik from Inria Paris gave a talk titled "Equivalence of Local- and Global- Best Approximations and a Simple Stable Local Commuting Projector in H(div)", Dr. Guglielmo Scovazzi from Duke University gave a talk titled "The Shifted Boundary Method for Embedded Domain/Interface Computations: Applications to Subsurface Flow" and Dr. ​Gabriel Wittum from KAUST gave a talk titled "Enriched FV Method --Test Spaces for Flow with Particles". 
In the third session held on Monday Evening July 29, Dr. Kirk Jordan from IBM presented a keynote speak titled "Expliting IBM's Data Centric Systems to Develop New Approaches for Subsurface Modeling Incorporating AI Method". Dr. Ahmed H. Elsheikh from Heriot Watt University gave a talk titled "Calibration of Imperfect Subsurface Flow Models Using Noise as Regularizer" and  Dr. Shubhangi Gupta from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel gave a talk titled "Modeling of Gas Migration through the Gas Hydrate Stability Zone in Marine Geosystems". 
In the last session held on Tuesday Morning, July 30. Dr. Michel Kern from Inris Paris gave a talk titled "Preconditioning a Coupled Model for Reactive Transport in Porous Media", Dr. Krishna Nunna from Texas A&M gave a talk titled "A Novel Transient Diffuse Source Algorithm for Multiscale Simulation in Porous Media", Dr. Omar Duran from  FEC-Universidade Estadual de Campina gave a talk titled "A Multiscale Hybrid Method for Darcy's Problems Using Mixed Finite Element Local Solvers" and Dr. Tim Wildey from Sandia National Laboratories gave a talk titled "Multiscale Hybridized Methods for Multiphysics Systems with Applications to Subsurface Flow and Transport". 
There are totally five mini-symposia organized in USNCCM15 dedicated to Prof. Mary Wheeler in honor of her 80th birthday, listed as following:
Prof. Mary Wheeler, Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), ​Owner of SIAM Geosciences Career Prize, SIAM Theodore von Kármán Prize and Humboldt award, has also presented a plenary speak in the conference titled "Modeling Poromechanis with Strong Discontinuities". 

Prof. Mary Wheeler  at USNCCM15, Austin​