Jie Liu

PhD Candidate


Research Interest

Adsorption and flow behaviors of shale oil

Molecular dynamics simulation

Kerogen matrix

Selected Publications

•Yongfei Yang*, Jie Liu, et al. (2020), Adsorption behaviors of shale oil in kerogen slit by molecular simulation. Chemical Engineering Journal (IF: 10.652)
•Jie Liu, Yongfei Yang*, et al. (2020), Multicomponent shale oil flow in real kerogen structures via molecular dynamic simulation. Energies (IF: 2.702)
•Aref Abbasi Moud, Mohammad Arjmand, Jie Liu, Yongfei Yang*, Amir Sanati-Nezhad*, S. Hossein Hejaz*. Cellulose nanocrystal structure in the presence of salts. Cellulose (IF: 4.210)
•Xu Wenbin, Liu Zhihui, Liu Jie, Yang Yongfei*. (2018) New understanding of transient pressure response in the transition zone of oil-water and gas-water systems. Geofluids (IF: 2.540)
•Wang Y., Yang Y. *, Wang K., Tao L., Liu J., Wang C., Yao J., Zhang K., Song W. (2020), Relative permeability curves change for natural gas hydrate decomposition due to particle migration. Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering (IF: 3.841)
•Fu S., Zhang L., Li Y., Lan X., Wang J., Wen W., Li X., Cai S., Wang K., Liu J., Wang Y., Yang Y.*. (2020), Influence of stress sensitivity on water-gas flow in carbonate rocks. Energies (IF: 2.702) (under review)


2018-2021, China University of Petroleum (East China), M.Sc., adviser: Prof. Yongfei Yang

2014-2018, China University of Petroleum (East China), School of Petroleum Engineering, B.Sc

Research Interests Keywords

Molecular Dynamics Adsorption and flow behaviors of shale oil Subsurface Flow Simulation Kerogen matrix