Kai Bao

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joint with HKUST), Sept 15, 2010 – Jan 15, 2014

Previous Research Group Staff

Research Interest

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Fluid Simulation, Reservoir Simulation, High Performance Computing.

Selected Publications

  • Kai Bao, Mi Yan, Ligang Lu, Rebecca Allen, Amgad Salama, Kirk E. Jordan, Shuyu Sun. High Performance Modeling of CO2 Sequestration by Coupling Reservoir Simulation and Molecular Dynamics. The 2013 SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium. Feb. 18-20, 2013, Woodlands, TX, USA.
  • Kai Bao, Yi Shi, Shuyu Sun, Xiao-Ping Wang. A Finite Element Method for the Numerical Solution of the Coupled Cahn-Hilliard and Navier-Stokes System for Moving Contact Line Problems. Journal of Computational Physics, 2012, 231(24): 8083–8099.


  • 2010.  PhD in Computer Applied Technology.