Majed Almubarak


Research intern with Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI) 2014 program. Period: June 11 – July 24, 2014.


Research Interests

There are many interesting things in the field of Earth Science and Engineering, worth researching on. Reservoir Modeling is one that is very important to learn about in order to be able to do characterization for the modeling. I find this subfield to be really interesting since I wish to major in Petroleum Engineering when I go to university. Moreover, Reservoir modeling enables us to do many things. More importantly, it is the closest thing we have to reality since we cannot see the down hole conditions and properties with our own eyes. We also base so many critical decisions on the field after testing it in a reservoir simulation model. Reservoir simulation models help us in assessing uncertainties in the reservoir and help us in future development plan scenarios.


  • Dhahran Ahliyya Schools,  2003-present American High School Diploma Program

KAUST Affiliations

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Non-KAUST Affiliations

-       Brown University

-       John Hopkins University