Yang Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Previous Research Group Staff

Research Interest

  • Numerical methods for flow and transport problems in porous media 
  • Immersed finite element methods for interface problems
  • Two-grid methods

Selected Publications

  • Yang Wang and Yanping Chen, A two-grid method for incompressible miscible displacement problems by mixed finite element and Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods, J. Math. Anal. Appl., Vol. 468, 2018, pp. 406-422.
  • Yang Wang, Yanping Chen, Yunqing Huang, and Ying Liu, Two-grid methods for semi-linear elliptic interface problems by immersed finite element methods, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), Vol. 40, No. 11, 2019, pp. 1657-1676.
  • Yanping Chen, Yang Wang, Yunqing Huang and Longxia Fu, Two-grid methods of expanded mixed finite-element solutions for nonlinear parabolic problems, Appl. Numer. Math., Vol. 144, 2019, pp. 204-222.​


  • 2016-2019, Xiangtan University, Mathematics, Ph.D., adviser: Prof. Yanping Chen
  • 2014-2016, Xiangtan University, Computational Mathematics, M.Sc., adviser: Prof. Yanping Chen
  • 2009-2013, Hebei University of Engineering, School of Mathematical and Physical Science and Engineering, B.Sc.

Research Interests Keywords

Finite Difference Method Phase Field Model Finite Element Methods Flow and Transport in Porous Media